2012 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600 unveiled!

Posted by Hoss Nobles Oct - 31 - 2011

The place, Thief River Falls, Minn. The Date is 9/10/11, The event, the largest snowmobile event in the world – Haydays was the chosen event for the revealing of the 2012 Arctic Car Sno Pro 600 race sled and the thousands in attendance were definately treated to an event to remember. “Racing has been a strong cornerstone of Arctic Cat’s heritage and brand. An arena we have consistently used for testing and development,”   Read More ...

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2012 Chevy Camaro “Transformers” Edition

Posted by Hoss Nobles Oct - 30 - 2011 <span class="comm"><span class="comm"></span><a></a></span>

Chevrolet has released the official images and information on the 2012 Camaro SS Transformers Special Edition, celebrating the world premiere of “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, the third movie in the franchise that has strongly contributed to the success of the new Camaro and if your like us and loved the movie (though we did think it was a little long!) then this Camaro is def at the top of   Read More ...

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Torqued Ink

Posted by Hoss Nobles Oct - 27 - 2011 <span class="comm"><span class="comm"></span><a></a></span>

Hey, what can we say? we love our ink!! it’s an expression of who we are and what we stand for whether its a lost loved one, representing a passion or maybe just a drunken stooper from that one night that noone cares to remember but none the less we agree that showin some skin and a little ink is quite frankly… bad ass!! We have invited our very own Ink   Read More ...

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Ridez N’ Pridez

Posted by Hoss Nobles Oct - 27 - 2011 <span class="comm"><span class="comm"></span><a></a></span>

If your like us then that ride that that is nestled comfortably in the garage is like a part of you and is often referred to as your ‘baby!’.  I often get harassed about my rides whether it’s one of my Harley’s or a restoration project im working on but to me they are an extension of who I am, my break from reality and I take care of them   Read More ...

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Rukkastixx, energy on the go!!

Posted by Hoss Nobles Oct - 25 - 2011 <span class="comm"><span class="comm"></span><a></a></span>

  Have you ever come across a product you enjoyed so much you wanted to tell everyone you knew about it?  Well, that’s what happened with us.  Rukkastixx Energy Shots!!!  They taste amazing, are healthy for you, and they really work. Like most of you, I have tried a lot of different energy product, most of which either tasted terrible, or didn’t work.  We wanted to find out a little   Read More ...

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Valvoline still setting the standards for motor oils.

Posted by Hoss Nobles Oct - 23 - 2011 <span class="comm"><span class="comm"></span><a></a></span>

When Valvoline contacted me about their new NextGen motor oil, I admit I was a little skeptical. After all my rides are my pride and I only want the best  to go into their internals. I arrived in Charlotte about 4 hours late but was met with handshakes and smiles as I entered the conference room to get a briefing on what the following day would consists of. After finally   Read More ...

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Inside West Coast Customs Creates the Ultimate Outdoorsman’s Ride with Jeep and Zippo

Posted by Deaqon James Oct - 21 - 2011 <span class="comm"><span class="comm"></span><a></a></span>

  The fine folks at Discovery Channel’s new network Velocity thought we’d like a sneak peek into the ‘ultimate outdoorsman’s ride.’ West Coast Customs (WCC) continues their second season of their hit show on Velocity, Inside West Coast Customs, where audiences get a front-row seat to the shop’s most outrageous celebrity and brand custom builds.  On October 23, 2011, at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT, Inside West Coast Customs will combine two American icons, Zippo and Jeep to   Read More ...

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Torqued Magazine welcomes Jeremey King!!

Posted by Hoss Nobles Oct - 20 - 2011 <span class="comm"><span class="comm"></span><a></a></span>

Who is Jeremey King?  Here ya go.  I am the President/CEO of Rukkastixx Energy Shots based in Utah.  I am an avid outdoorsman, I love to hunt, fish and hike.   I’m a nationally licensed youth soccer coach, and a family man. But, for as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with Rock Crawling. Moab, St. George, anywhere, I don’t care.  As long as I am driving on   Read More ...

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Torqued Magazine welcomes Kurt Shelley to the team!

Posted by Hoss Nobles Oct - 17 - 2011 <span class="comm"><span class="comm"></span><a></a></span>

Hey Torqued Magazine fans!  My name is Kurt Shelley and I have been in the Atv racing seen for the past 5 years.  I started out racing in the junior class about 5 years ago and was racing against the young bucks, I started racing at 25 years old, I was racing against 15 to 20 year olds some younger some my age. You know, these young kids have school   Read More ...

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iHip Earbud Review

Posted by Deaqon James Oct - 12 - 2011 <span class="comm"><span class="comm"></span><a></a></span>

New York Giants Super Bowl Champion, Carl Banks, has teamed up with Zeikos electronics to launch the first ever, Limited Edition iHip NFL and MLB headphones and ear buds for the ultimate sports fans and enthusiasts.  Known for their ever evolving musical product line, Zeikos wanted to further appeal to the “sports-obsessed culture,” enlisting Carl Banks to help design and market the NFL and MLB branded accessories. The exclusive iHip   Read More ...

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