As one of the most successful motocross and supercross brands on the market today, the 2017 Kawasaki KX450F (MSRP: $8,849) is leading the way. The simple race ready motorcycle remains one of the most sought after bikes in it’s class.

The already powerful engine is back and stronger then ever for 2017, with a potent, lightweight engine package inspired by those who race, they obviously saw the need to shave weight and the results have been good. Features include a high flow airbox with rear intake channels to improve flow as well as the factory race derived Bridged Box Bottom piston for optimum rigidity and maximum high rpm power and durability.

In addition to the light weight engine, the KX450F comes standard with three different DFI Couplers which allow riders to quickly change fuel injection and ignition mapping to suit the riding conditions. This comes in extremely handy when riders don’t have much time to make the needed adjustments or have to make adjustments quickly between moto’s.

The factory race team inspired, redesigned triple clamps increase rigidity as well as provide a more stabile front end feel and enable a quicker turn in when cornering. The swingarm features tapered hydro-formed spars in a raw aluminum finish and the Forged chain adjusters are also equipped with a self locking rear axle nut. The axle nut also holds the 80lb-ft torqued setting without the need for a cotter pin for easy maintenance at the track.

With the Kawasaki KX450F’s race inspired looks and aggressive styling, this is truly a bike you would expect to see at the top of it’s class. The bodywork has been shaped to form around the narrow chassis design, this allows the rider to have the best possible maneuverability even under the fiercest conditions.

But what good is all this performance in one package if you don’t have the right suspension? well, Kawasaki once again features the Showa SFF-Air TAC fork technology which seperates the damping and shock absorption duties into the individual fork legs. The left fork contains the damping assembly and the right fork tube has 3 chambers filled with pressurized air which acts as a spring.

The 2017 Kawasaki KX450F motorcycle can be customized to suit a large range of riders thanks to its flat seat design, adjustable handlebar and footpegs and fully adjustable suspension components. While the base settings on the KX450F motorcycle are based on extensive testing, including racing, the motorcycle provides a huge range of technology and adjustment to help ensure every rider can fully exploit the incredible ability of this extremely capable motocross bike.


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