What comes to mind when we think of adrenaline? to us, it’s anything that gets our blood pumping and we here at Torqued Magazine love just that. Jason Clark and Michael Bennion know what it takes to to make the heart race and can always be spotted amongst their friends tearing up the pavement every chance they get which is why when we got the chance to hang out with these two junkies of the asphalt we were hell bent on making it happen.

  While Jason does share much of the business responsibilities his partner Mike is rockin the designs to this new line and having been founded in 2010 they have already made a name for themselves in the motorsports scene. What started off as simply a sport bike fashion statement has entered into many other areas such as motocross, snowcross and more and is showing no signs on slowing down.

After realizing that there was more than just a need for their clothing they have expanded into their own store located at 1403 s 600 w in Woods Cross Utah and now carry everything from sport bikes to snowmobiles and enough riding gear to make even an old goat like me drool. They are constantly expanding and will be adding onto their store early next year to enable them to service most makes of bikes and offer their customers yet another reason to stop in.

So whether your into sport bikes, motocross or shredding the hills on your sled Adrenaline Moto has something for you, from T-shirts and hats to ladies wear they have it all and with new designs coming out all the the time there is no reason you shouldn’t be getting your adrenaline on!!

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