Hot! Video AERO SHOT Energy, the future of energy is here!

If you are like us then you are constantly pounding energy drinks like a Friday night at the club!! We live on them and yes though our heart may explode at any given moment we need them. But when we heard about the new evolution of energy we really didn’t think much of it, with all the options of energy drinks out there we figured what could be so different? well we found out and what we found we liked. The new AERO SHOT Energy is not your typical pop the top energy, it is an air based shot of energy delivering 100mg of caffeine and that in itself caught out attention.

The particles in the new AERO SHOT are small enough to travel through the air but to large to get into the lungs and comes in a travel anywhere case that resembles a lipstick sized device which again we liked over the fact of having to carry our pop top around with us everywhere. Another plus we found is it is easy and convenient to use, just pull the cap to open, place the other end in your mouth, draw the powder into your mouth and swallow. Each AERO SHOT container contains 4-6 shots so you can use one at a time or for that extra boost you can use it all at once.


Now, we do recommend you follow directions listed on labels as with any energy supplement but for those of you like us who require those little extra kicks to the ass every once in a while we suggest you check out and see for yourself the benefits AERO SHOT Energy may provide for you.

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