Astro Winning Numbers

Astro is a lottery game only available in Quebec that has a distinct format. Draws take place every day at 22:30 local time, with ticket sales closing immediately before the draw and resuming shortly after. The Jackpot is CAD 25,000 and tickets cost CAD 1.00 each.
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How to Play Astro

Make four selections from the following components to participate: 

  • The day of the month represented by a number between 1 and 31, indicating a day of the month.
  • The month name.
  • A number between 00 and 99, indicating a year.
  • The zodiac sign.

Alternatively, you can choose the Quick Pick option.

Astro winning numbers that match important birthdays or other significant dates are obvious selections. 

For an additional CAD 1.00, players can add Extra to their Astro ticket, which is an add-on game that gives players an opportunity to win CAD 1 million jackpot if all seven digits on the ticket are matched in the order drawn. 

Astro has a Replay option that allows players to effortlessly repeat their previous plays in subsequent draws. In Advance Play, which is available online or through the Loto Quebec mobile app, gamers may participate in up to 84 draws at once.

Odds of Winning

The probability of winning the Astro jackpot is 1 in 446,400. Despite there being a relatively modest prize, these are excellent odds for a lottery jackpot. The chances of winning any prize are 1 in 5.

Cash prizes are awarded for matching 4/4 , 3/4 and 2/4 categories, with a complimentary ticket for the next draw if you match one category.


Latest Result

Sunday | 20 November 2022
  • 1
  • 3
  • J
  • U
  • I
  • N
  • 9
  • 1
  • V
  • I
  • E
  • R
  • G
  • E

Next Draw

Tuesday | 4 July 2023
Quebec Extra: 4844720

Check the latest results of Astro on the official website or below:

Latest Winning Numbers

Astro History Results
Sunday | 20 November 2022
No data
Saturday | 19 November 2022
No data
Friday | 18 November 2022
No data
Thursday | 17 November 2022
No data
Wednesday | 16 November 2022
No data
Tuesday | 15 November 2022
No data
Monday | 14 November 2022
No data
Sunday | 13 November 2022
No data
Saturday | 12 November 2022
No data
Friday | 11 November 2022
No data


Prizes are paid out as 100% tax-free lump sums to Astro winners and must be claimed within one year from the draw date.

Who Can Play Astro

To play Astro, you must be at least 18 years old and reside in Quebec. Between the hours of midnight and 5:00 A.M., online and app entries are not available.

History of Astro

The first Astro draw was held by Loto Quebec on January 13, 2006.

Play Astro Responsibly

Playing the Astro lottery is a fun and easy way to potentially win big bucks, but it’s important to play responsibly. Here are a few tips for keeping things in check:

  1. Only spend what you can afford to lose. Like any form of gambling, there is always the risk that you will not win anything back. So don’t bet more than you can spare.
  2. Set a limit on how many tickets you buy. This will help keep your spending under control and also increase your chances of winning by spreading your bets out over several tickets.
  3. Don’t let yourself get carried away. It can be tempting to keep buying tickets when you’re on a roll, but remember that the odds of winning are still very slim no matter how many tickets you have. Pace yourself and stay within your budget.

Astro FAQ

What is Astro?

Astro is a Quebec-only lottery game. It offers a jackpot of CAD 1 million, and players must match at least two numbers out of four to win a prize. There are runners up prizes for matching 3/4 , 2/4 and 1/4 categories.

How do I play Astro?

To play Astro, players must be at least 18 years old and reside in Quebec.