Nissan and Infiniti have a long tradition of making powerful and torquey 6-cylinder engines. Within this pantheon, the VG30 and VQ30 engines hold a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts. These engines made several generations of Maxima into low-key-looking rocket ships; in Infiniti I30 trim, it made for a fast, competent sedan that put many of the offerings from Europe to shame. The VG and VQ engines have always been capable of making big power, but finding a clutch that would put all that power to the ground has been a challenge. Not anymore thanks to Centerforce.

The Centerforce Stage I Clutch is a high-quality, entry-level performance clutch for those drivers in need of a superior stock replacement. Using Centerforce’s patented centrifugal weight system and premium friction materials, the Stage 1 clutch is perfect for drivers with stock engines or mild power increases. It offers light pedal effort with smooth engagement, similar to an OE clutch but with the improved clamping force that has come to be expected from Centerforce.

The Centerforce Dual Friction system is engineered to handle the power and torque that a modified engine produces but still remain streetable. Using Centerforce’s patented centrifugal weight system and a specialized machining process, the Dual Friction Clutch increases clamp load both statically and dynamically, based on engine RPM. The clutch disc itself is engineered to increase the holding capacity between the pressure-plate and the flywheel sides. It features an organic full face on the pressure-plate side, which is used to increase drivability and longevity; the flywheel side has a segmented carbon composite face to maximize grip by increasing pressure per square inch (PSI).

Taking everything one step further, the race-inspired Centerforce DFX Clutch is a competition-proven clutch solution engineered to Centerforce’s high level of quality and craftsmanship. Aimed at performance applications that demand high torque-holding capacity without totally sacrificing drivability, the DFX Clutch is engineered with a paddle-style clutch disc. The DFX also features Centerforce’s patented centrifugal weight system and ball-bearing actuated diaphragm for smooth engagement and increased clamp load. Furthermore, the Centerforce DFX is SFI-approved for competition use. Nodular iron pressure-plate rings and reinforcements provide a high level of reliability.

For more information about the Centerforce line of clutches for the VG30 and VQ30 engines, contact Centerforce, 928.771.8422,




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