Maradyne(r) High Performance Fans offers the Challenger Series fan line for cost-effective cooling power for high-performance vehicles or daily drivers.

Available in 10-inch to 16-inch fan sizes, the Challenger Series fans are designed to improve engine cooling, horsepower and A/C cooling at idle. Featuring a quiet, S-blade design with balanced blades that eliminates vibration and increases airflow, the fans are reversible and work in either a push or pull configuration.

Made from durable glass-filled nylon resin, Maradyne fans feature concentric rings that prevent the blades from flexing as they achieve maximum RPM. The competitively-priced Challenger Series fans come with four 90-degree mounting feet, mating pigtail connector, a nylon tie kit and mounting instructions.

The Challenger Series fans are available in a range of specifications to suit a variety of applications. Models include:
* The 10-inch fan (part # MC109K) with a depth of 2.62 inches and a 90-watt medium duty motor delivers 621 CFM with a low-amp amp draw of 5.1.
* The 11-inch fan (part # MC119K) with a depth of 2.62 inches and a 90-watt medium duty motor delivers 767 CFM with a low-amp draw of 7.7.
* The 13-inch fan (part # MC136K) with a depth of 3.82 inches and a 160-watt heavy duty motor delivers 1,560 CFM with an amp draw of 13.0.
* The 16-inch fan (part # MC166K) with a depth of 3.87 inches and a 160-watt heavy duty motor provides 1,950 CFM and an amp draw of 13.1.
* The most powerful 16-inch fan (part #MC162K) has a depth of 4.35 inches, a 225-watt heavy duty motor delivering 2,200 CFM with an amp draw of 18.9.

Maradyne recommends purchasing wire harnesses, sold separately, for the Challenger Series fans,  with three harness options including an adjustable temperature switch (part # MFA100), a 185-degree temperature switch (part # MFA102) or a 195-degree temperature switch (part # MFA103).


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