After yesterdays first corner crash, Evgeny Bobryshev demonstrated once again today his remarkable grit and determination. Despite feeling unsure about even racing at today’s Latvia he came back to take sixth overall.

Bobryshev took to the track in warm-up despite his shoulder still causing him a lot of pain this morning, after just 2 laps it was very clear his shoulder was still causing him a lot of pain and problems on the bike.

Having received injections in his shoulder from the track’s medical team just beforehand, Bobryshev started race one from the very outside gate after his DNG yesterday. He moved himself from last to 25th from the start and had risen to 11th within the first five minutes. Pushing through the pain to a high of eighth until the final 10 minutes, taking the flag to a very impressive ninth.

Running an impressive fifth for most of the race in race 2, he crossed the finish line in sixth to take sixth overall in the Grand Prix.

“I gave everything I had in the races today. I didn’t sleep so well last night with the pain in the shoulder and this morning I was not so sure how well I would feel on the bike. After warm-up this morning I really didn’t think I could a whole race. With a lot of work with the team physio actually we could have a pretty good day in the circumstances though. I really want to thank the team and the medical staff because they did a lot of hard work with me this weekend. And my wife and father for helping me last night because with the pain I really couldn’t do much myself. Towards the end of the races it was so tough as I couldn’t hold on anymore so I couldn’t push any harder. Of course the crash yesterday was a big shame, but given that we weren’t sure how well we’d be able to race today, we have to be reasonably satisfied.” Evgeny Bobryshev.


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