Alli Alberts is beginning her third season with the Chicago Bliss.  After two great seasons and two Legends Cup Championships, Alli is preparing for another great year ahead. With the conference changes that took place in the league, she and her Chicago Bliss will become very familiar with the Atlanta Steam and Omaha Heart. 

Alli is a big asset for the Chicago Bliss as she plays defensive safety and offensive wide receiver, along with backing up the quarterback position behind Heather Furr. Her athleticism and football intelligence put her in position to make great plays on both offense and defense for the Bliss. 

LFL360 had the opportunity to ask the 2x defending legends cup champion about her love for the game and life away from football. Tighten your chinstrap as you prepare for this weeks ‘big hit’ with Alli Alberts on LFL360’s Fifth Down Player Spotlight.

1) Congratulations on the back-to-back Legends Cup Championships for you and the Chicago Bliss. In a quick statement, tell the LFL fans why not to bet against you ladies in 2015 to make it a 3peat?

Alli: If you’re looking for an overconfident answer, you won’t get it from me.  Overconfidence is how you lose championships.  I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again many times I’m sure: football is football, anything can happen.  All we can do is be the most prepared team and see where that takes us.

2) What are some of the differences on the team from this season to last season?

Alli: It’s really hard to say without playing any games.  I think we have some really great rookies this year that will be able to step into roles if and when they are needed.  With the extended time, and extended schedule, depth is a necessary component this year, and it’s nice to feel like you have it.

3) We understand you were very active in other sports growing up and before you started playing in the LFL. What sport or sports best prepared you for defensive back in football?

Alli: Basketball, without a doubt.  Reading different defenses, scouting, being uber aggressive were all things I learned on and off the court while preparing for games.  Boxing out/rebounding is probably my favorite activity ever, and it’s kind of like a backwards version of blocking.  Also, the physicality is the closest to football…which is why I probably fouled out a good amount…only got a handful of technicals though.

4) What do you think of the new schedule and having to face Omaha and Atlanta three times each?

Alli: To be perfectly honest, I hate it.  I’d much rather play each team in the league and get a feel for everyone than have to play an opponent 3 times.  It’s hard to beat someone twice in a season…three times is cray cray.

5) Who is the best quarterback in the LFL that you have faced? Why?

Alli: Salerno. I think the amount of time she’s been a part of the game (in high school and such) makes her stand apart.  Add that to her extremely competitive nature and cannon arm, it’s hard to argue anyone else.

6) What is your favorite part of being in the LFL?

Alli: So many damn things I love, it’s hard to pick.  Being a part of a truly competitive team again is such a blessing. Getting to exercise my competitive spirit with a bunch of girls I basically consider to be my sisters…there’s just nothing like it.  That, and hitting people…anger issues.

7) What message would you give to girls and women aspiring to be in the LFL?

Alli: I’d say if you really want to be in this league, you better be able to flip the switch to crazytown.  Can’t be afraid to give a hit or take a hit…ever.  Also, stop eating pizza.  As Furr says, those uniforms are, “one size fits most.”  HAHA

8) It sounds like you have excelled in dentistry. Provide us with some insight on your dentistry studies and how you gained a passion for dentistry?

Alli: As cheesy as this is about to sound, there’s really nothing like giving a person back their smile.  In my prosthodontics residency now, I work on full mouth rehabilitations, so the transformations are fantastic.  I have had some patients that come in covering their mouths because they are so embarrassed, and when I’m done, they can laugh, smile, and eat steak whenever they want.  It’s worth it for me in that moment.

9) So because you live in Chicago but grew up in Illinois very close to St. Louis, do you favor the St. Louis Rams or Chicago Bears?

Alli: Rams, no doubt.  My parents have had season tickets since we acquired the Rams back in ’95.  I was only a little girl in third grade, but since they were so terrible at that time, it was just my dad and I that ended up going to most of the games.  I think that’s where my admiration for the game first started.  “BRUUUUUUUUCE”.

10) Which restaurant or bar does Alli Alberts recommend for any visitor in St. Louis and Chicago?

Alli: St. Louis: Blueberry Hill in the Loop…pitchers of Guinness and free darts…how can you go wrong?

Chicago: Violet Hour…after 6 years, it’s still my favorite cocktail bar in the city.

 11) Music preference between the two- Country or Pop?

Alli: As much as I love singing and dancing to pop and other genres, I could never go against my country roots.  Garth Brooks’ “Standing Outside the Fire” still gets me pumped up before games.

12) If you had to spend the rest of your life with either Jimmy Fallon or Will Ferrell, who would it be?

Alli: Judging completely on their most recent lip sync battle, I’d have to go with Jimmy Fallon.  Anyone who pays homage to Dirty Dancing is a winner in my book.  However, my lip syncing skills are second to none, just ask my college roommate and bestie…(CelineDion).


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