Cynthia Schmidt is a tall, talented wide-receiver for the Las Vegas Sin. She had a standout season in 2014 as she caught passes from her efficient quarterback, Sindy Cummings.  The Sin look to improve on their one-win season from last year and to do so, Cynthia will have to be a big part of that offense.

The Legends Football League is proud of many of the athlete’s professional careers, but one stands among the rest, which is serving in our countries military. The league is honored to have women playing in this sport who have served in The United States Military and Cynthia Schmidt is among some of those athletes. 

LFL360 had the opportunity to sit down and ask some questions about Cynthia Schmidt’s life on and off the field and what the Sin have in store for LFL fans this season. Before we go any further, on behalf of LFL360 and the league we want to thank Cynthia Schmidt for her service in the United States Army. 

1) Congratulations on being named to the Western Conference All-Fantasy Team last season. What are some of your goals as a wide receiver this 2015 season?

Cynthia: Thank you. We are really focusing on our common team goal this year, which is the Championship. We all want the same thing, to win. How do we get there? Well, personal I have to be the best receiver for my QB. Definitely more completions and less dropped balls.

2) After a disappointing one-win season last year, what can the fans around the league expect this season from the Sin?

Cynthia: It was disappointing, but that is behind us. We have some great veterans returning, a lot of good rookie talent, and a new coaching staff. All bets are off!

3) Defense being the bigger issue last season for the Las Vegas Sin, how has new head coach Willie Garrett begun to fix the defensive issues?

Cynthia: I would agree somewhat with that. We had some trouble moving the ball in the run game last year too. It all starts up front- on both sides of the ball. Although he was a running back in his career, he has a defensive mindset that was clearly seen while coaching Omaha. He emphasizes technique, and going 100% on every snap.

4) You will be playing both Seattle and Los Angeles each three times this season. Which team do you look forward to playing most and why?

Cynthia: We have a bitter rivalry with both teams. It will be interesting how we each adapt to playing three times. I personally look forward to playing Chicago in the Championship : -).

5) What have you done differently this off-season to better prepare yourself physically and mentally for the 2015 season?

Cynthia: Last year was technically my first season on the field, so now I am experienced, more so mentally than anything. That makes the biggest difference. Being in the best physical shape of course helps and I do that with my training six days a week outside of practices. I’ve been really focused on upper body strength and explosiveness.

6) What sports did you play growing up and prior to playing football in the LFL?

Cynthia: Prior to the LFL throughout school I played softball, soccer, I swam, ran track, and cheered.  I also started playing in the WFA for the Indy Crash a few years prior to moving to Vegas.

7) Did you ever imagine playing football when you were a young kid?

Cynthia: No I didn’t. I’ve always loved the game but never did I think that as a woman I would have such an opportunity as this.

 8) We understand you have served in the United States Military. Thank you for your service, and please tell the fans a little about your service with the US Army and what serving the country means to you?

 Cynthia: Thank you. I was in the service for almost 7 years. I joined in 2006 and completed basic training and AIT then went back to college and commissioned in 2010 as a Military Intelligence officer. Representing my country is a pride that can never be matched. I am proud not to be a stereotype in any aspect of my life. I have always followed my heart.

9) What is your favorite movie of all time?

Cynthia: Step Brothers

10) For anyone who visits Vegas, what restaurant do you recommend?

Cynthia: Crab Corner!

11) Do you ever gamble in Vegas and if so will you be found at the blackjack table, by the roulette wheel, at the craps table, or playing the slot machines?

Cynthia: I actually very rarely gamble! If I do I like to play blackjack or 3 card poker though.

***** Cynthia Schmidt and the Las Vegas Sin kickoff their 2015 in LA on Saturday, May 16th. 


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