New York Giants Super Bowl Champion, Carl Banks, has teamed up with Zeikos electronics to launch the first ever, Limited Edition iHip NFL and MLB headphones and ear buds for the ultimate sports fans and enthusiasts.  Known for their ever evolving musical product line, Zeikos wanted to further appeal to the “sports-obsessed culture,” enlisting Carl Banks to help design and market the NFL and MLB branded accessories.

The exclusive iHip NFL and MLB collection includes over 61 Pro league teams, ranging from the New York Mets, Detroit Tigers, Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys.  For the elite sports fan listening to the play-by-play within the stadium, or the musical aficionado enjoying their favorite artist, each iHip product boasts high quality sound elements, with its booming bass and noise canceling effects.  Each set of headphones and ear buds are also compatible with iPods, cell phones and any MP3 player laptop! The mind-blowing sound enters a new level of listening as well; whether watching a movie on the computer or rocking a pump-up playlist on the treadmill.

I was sent a pair of their earbuds and those who know me know I’m not a big fan of earbuds per se’, which is odd since I have about 20 pair, but these were nice and they carried the NY Giants logo. Win!  In using them I have to say that the pair I had didn’t necessarily offer the best sound in the world from earbuds but it was decent for being at the gym, or drowning out the sound of your professors!

All in all they’re a really cool way to show your team pride, and let the rest of the word know that you’re too damn busy to talk with them! Prices start at around $15.00 and go up as high as $99.00 for the various headphones. But I didn’t get a pair of the headphones.

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