MagnaFlow is known as the premier manufacturer of high quality catalytic converters and performance exhaust components, but owners of classic muscle are sometimes looking for a very specific sound. The glasspack muffler is a classic design that offers excellent flow characteristics and a unique sound that for many, harkens back to the cars of their childhood. When you combine affordability with a signature sound, you get MagnaFlow’s new Red Pack muffler series.

The MagnaFlow Red Pack glasspack makes use of the classic simple straight through design for maximum flow characteristics. The muffler shell is made from corrosion-resistant aluminized steel and features a bright red high-temp coating for added protection and allows MagnaFlow to offer them with a 90 day warranty. The Red Pack also offers that classic glasspack sound and is built to MagnaFlow’s exacting quality standards. One of the appeals of glasspack-style mufflers has always been their low cost and wide range of sizes to fit any application. On this front MagnaFlow doesn’t disappoint either. The Red Pack will initially be available with inlet/outlet diameters ranging from 2-3”, body diameters of 3.5” or 4”, body lengths ranging from 18-26”, and overall lengths of 22-30”.

For more information on the MagnaFlow Red Pack glasspack muffler line or any other MagnaFlow exhaust products, visit or call us at 1-800-824-8664.


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