Hot! Gallery Miss March Gear Goddess miss Tasia Hatch!!

   We have always had a part of us that LOVES beauties with ink and our first ever Gear Goddess winner is no exception. When we received the entry pics from this beauty our jaws hit the floor and personally I got that little fuzzy feeling below the belt that reminded me of when I was in grade school and found my best friends dads porn mags in the bathroom. Not only is this hottie from the valley a beauty but a bad ass as well, from MMA to dirt bikes she does it or loves it so what is there about this woman that is  not to love? well, we think we would love that chance to find out!! did we mention she is the mother of 3? yeah we couldn’t believe it ourselves which makes her even more impressive and she has a degree in accounting so Tasia… you can watch our numbers any day which makes me think I should have definately stayed in school. So congrats to our first ever Gear Goddess winner and Tasia, we look forward to seeing more of you very soon!! Now ladies, if you want to be featured here on then email us your pictures with a small bio to the boss man at . The entries will be voted on by our fans at after which the winner will be featured here on So break out the cameras and make sure all pics are of good quality because remember, our readers will choose the winners!!

   We would also like to thank those photographers whose pictures you will see during these contests, we in no way take credit for these images and allow those contributing to get the credit they deserve.

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