Hot! Miss May Gear Goddess Dana D’Oench

We will never be able to get enough of this beauty and that my friends is a fact, from customizing her own rides to being a part of the hit show Metric Revolution Dana defines the title of Gear Goddess perfectly. We know all to well the time and effort it takes to build a custom bike as well as the talent and she hit it head on from learning how to weld and work sheet metal to making her imagination come to life first hand. She has worked with some of the best builders in the industry and still maintains a very busy schedule with working her main job as an expert welder in building some of the sikkest customs to ever grace an ass to bartending part time on the weekends and still able to look beautiful the whole time. Though despite her busy schedule she still answered us with open arms when we approached her about the opportunity of  becoming our next Gear goddess and for that Dana we will always be grateful. So sit back and enjoy (maybe grab a towel or 2!) as we  bring to you Miss Gear Goddess May Dana D’Oench!!



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