COAST’s all-new A8R and HP3R rechargeable LED flashlights are perfect for vehicle inspection or service repair work in the most demanding vehicle shops. Easily charge the A8R or HP3R via AC, DC or USB power sources. The A8R rechargeable light is only 0.37 inch (9.4 mm) in diameter, fitting comfortably in a shirt or coat pocket.

The HP3R’s Universal Focusing Optic is ideal for up close work. Casting a nearly perfect circle of smooth and consistent light, the HP3R is just over 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) in diameter and includes a non-slip pocket clip and rear on/off switch. Both A8R and HP3R penlights are powered by rechargeable lithium batteries for the best performance in both cold and warm environments.

The all-new POLYSTEEL 200, POLYSTEEL 400 and POLYSTEEL 600 LED flashlights feature COAST’s patented Pure Beam Focusing System and are equipped with COAST’s patented Twist Focus light technology. Waterproof and incredibly bright, these durable LED lights are enclosed in a stainless steel core that is then wrapped in a molded polymer coating. They’re also crush proof, drop proof and scratch proof


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