The 2015 Ford Mustang turned the automotive world on its head when it was announced that Ford would finally equip its pony car with independent rear suspension. After five decades of live rear axles, critics wondered whether Ford would be successful with this new design. Well, the reviews are in and it looks like Ford was able to knock it out of the park. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement though, and that is where Hotchkis Sport Suspension comes in with its new line of performance sway bars for the 2015 Mustang.

In stock form the 2015 Mustang is an extremely competent car on both road and track, but it has gained a few pounds since the last generation. New tubular sway bars from Hotchkis will help to tame the body roll that those extra pounds create. As always, Hotchkis engineers spent countless hours on the track and the street coming up with the best recipe to increase roll stiffness and boost driver control while keeping ride quality.

The adjustable front 36.5mm tubular sway bar features two settings which provide either a 45% or 60% increase in roll stiffness over stock. The 25.5mm tubular rear bar also has two settings for a 50% or 75% improvement over the bar that it replaces. For added adjustability, upgraded end links are available that let you dial in the preload on your sway bar. With all of this adjustment, the driver is able to fine tune their suspension set up to not only maximize their the potential of their car and tires, but also tailor it to their own unique driving style.

These sway bars and end links, like all Hotchkis Sport Suspension products, are proudly made in the USA, come with all necessary hardware, feature greaseable polyurethane bushings, and are finished in a durable and attractive powder coat. These easy to install bolt-on upgrades will unlock the true potential of your Mustang’s suspension, allowing you to find grip that will give your pony car the edge over the competition. For more information on the full line of products from Hotchkis, visit the Hotchkis Sport Suspension website at


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