For those who follow Torqued Magazine, you will know I have had the honor of interviewing several of the Legends Football League players. Every time I do, I am amazed at what I learn from each one of these.

These ladies don’t play for the money, the multi million dollar contracts or the big TV deals, They play for the love of the game, the fans and the passion they have for the sport. LFL player by day, mother, electrician, engineer and many more titles are what describes each one of these players.

I welcome you our latest interview with Tai Emery, I was able to spend some time with the legendary LFL star and find out more about her life both on and off the field.

TM: Tai, thank you for taking the time to chat with me, can you tell us a little about yourself and your role in the Legends Football League?

TE: I’m a defense specialist player in the Legends Football League. I captained and played a season with the Queensland Brigade in Australia. Then deciding to compete and taking my sporting career to America where the LFL had originated. I played and captained for the Las Vegas Sin as a Rover, Strong Safety and captain in the All Star game in Guatemala and was with the Los Angeles Temptation during ’16’ season.

So you play in both the US and Australia am I correct, what is that like?

Correct. Both have been a dream. One to compete in some of Australia’s best stadiums. But nothing beats playing in America where gridiron was made. The culture and hard work that surrounds this game is something different here.

Can you see a difference between the US fans and the Australian fans?

The American fans become a lot more involved and more intense. From social media, games, warm ups, support, yes my American supporters are unique. Australian’s are only just being introduced to the game of LFL which may be a part of the reasoning. But I love having both countries backing my journey.

How long have you been with the Los Angeles Temptation?

I was apart of the Las Vegas Sin franchise ’15’. Which was closed in ’16’ and allowed the LFL to open Dallas Desire and Austin Acoustics branches. With that happening that left the Sin players who were continuing another season to merge with the Los Angeles Temptation for the ’16’ season.

What is your favorite part about being a player in the LFL?

My favorite part is being given a platform to compete against other talented woman. Nothing beats the feeling while playing and competing.

What turned your sights to playing full contact football in the Legends Football League?

I grew up in Australia playing touch football and Rugby Union. Always a tomboy at heart playing red rover and sports through school. Contact has always been apart of who I am and how I play. It was a natural turn to want to play LFL.

Let’s take a break from the LFL for a moment and start back at the beginning, what were you like in your youth?

I was always outside playing, a quiet kid in my own world. Sports was everything to me. There wouldn’t be a day that I wasn’t outside riding my bike, taking my sister to the park to play or at training for athletics/football.

It sounds like sports are truly important to you!

Yes I have always been into sports. I believe it is a huge part of developing youths lives.

With all your traveling, where is your favorite place to visit and why?

Atlanta, I love the South in America it is really laid back and the people are friendly.

Take us through a typical day in the life of Tai Emery?

Eat prepped breakfast
Head to the gym GATA (Atlanta) or Xtreme Couture (Las Vegas)
Morning classes (skills training/conditioning/weights)
Rounds on boxing bag
Stretch/Roll Out
Eat meal prepped lunch
Emails/Business/Instagram duties
Restorative Yoga
Afternoon work outs (metabolic/weights)
Home rest and repeat

I know that the LFL must take quite a bit of your time but what do you do when you want to just get away and relax?

I enjoy being out in nature, nothing beats that as a reset. Reading a book, cooking, dancing anything but training as I really have to watch myself from over working.

What would your ideal vacation be?

Log cabin home in the middle of no where. So I can hike, tan, swim and relax.  Or Mykonos with my close friends.

Speaking of relaxing, what music is playing in your car right now?

Sticky Fingers , Violent Soho and J Cole are on my way to and from the gym list these days.

On the subject of cars, what is your current ride and what is your dream ride?

I’m driving my Dad’s old school white Cadillac. We both love old cars. No dream car in my sights right now if anything maybe a ute to throw my tools in and to be useful along the way.

Tell us an interesting secret about you?

Well if it’s a secret about me…I might just leave it that way.

(laughs) well played Tai

Favorite food when you decide to splurge?

Anything with my best friend, we love food and discovering new flavors and treats.

Getting back to the LFL for a moment, what rituals do you have to psych up or prepare for a game?

When I play my best is when I make it a fun day with no stress, being relaxed, happy and enjoyable is the most important to me. Keeping  high energy in my own world and not being around anything that could bring me down. Playing music to dance to, drawing my moko on my chin ready for war. That always gets me mentally zoning in for the game.

What are your plans once you decide to step away from the LFL (which I hope is not for a long time!)?

Just keep on the adventure that life continues to throw me on. Modeling, training and yoga will be a huge part of my life when I retire from the LFL. Not much will change just maybe competing elsewhere.

What are you most proud of in your life?

I am proud of who I turned out to be given I had a hard up bringing. Everything comes down to life choices and not accepting the limitations the world can place on you.

Who do you look up to whether it be in sports or your personal life?

One of my friends who was also an athlete. His knowledge and advice is always perfect and keeps me mentally/physically/goal wise in check.

What advice would you give someone who hopes to one day follow in your footsteps?

Believe in yourself! Work hard! Break limitations! Be yourself!

Tai, thank you again for the opportunity to chat with you. In leaving is there anyone you would like to thank?

Always a big thank you to anyone who has supported my journey along the way. Whether that be a friend, family member, fan, team mate, trainer/coach and training partner along the way.

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Photo Credit: Wayne Daniels and Photography by Jose


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