There is nothing worse then finding your battery is dead or worse because of the fact you were to lazy to plug it in before putting your pride and joy up for the winter and yes im speaking from experience. I was familiar with Optima Batteries so when I heard they had a new battery performance/ maintainer I had to get my hands on one asap and that is what I did.    I contacted the crew from Northern Utah Diesel experts to see if they work me into their schedule for a few as I wanted to test this out in the field, they were kind enough to oblige and I was already excited to play with my new toy.

Upon opening the box and checkin it out I was already impressed with the amount of function it had and the easiness on the eyes it was. With it’s compact size this bad boy would fit easily in my saddlebag but had the power to take care of pretty much all my battery needs, from powersports to marine and auto this thing had it all. The kit also comes with a wall organizer bracket so that you can hang this in your man cave out of the way and plug your ride in using the DC charging ring terminals that you can permanently mount on your battery if you should chose. It also comes with a “kickstand” holder so you may simply place it on a flat surface as well, but should you need to hang this from your open hood you can use the convenient hood latch hook as well.

The LCD display is easy to read, user friendly and let’s you know where in it’s cycle the charger is whether it is analyzing the battery status, charging your battery to even letting you know the volts and amps or which function you are asking it to do. Which to me is great as it takes the guessing out of the game and saves you time. Should you accidentaly hook the charger up in the wrong sequence like positive to negative it will also warn you so you don’t cause damage to your battery or even risk injury.

You may also choose the battery type you will be working  from 4 different profile setting ranging from Profile 1 Engine Starting to Profile 4 motorcycle with Profiles 2 and 3 for deep cycle and auto/ marine. But if needed it also will recover discharged batteries which is a fantastic feature in itself and will also maximize your batteries life. So needless to say I was very impressed with what this compact Optima Batteries Digital 400 was capable of and yes I will be adding this product to my man cave proudly!

Words and Pics by: Hoss Nobles

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