It's very evident when looking outside at the gorgeous colors
in the trees and our beautiful Utah Mountainsthat Fall is
officially upon us! Tis' the season of Holidays, family get togethers, and one
very important time that seems to get overlooked more often than it should...
Veteran’s Day. 

We Americans take great pride in our Country. So much so, that
patriotic tattoos are soaring in popularity! From silhouettes of the great Statue of
Liberty, Old School fighter plane scenes that look as
though they were clippings from a newspaper of that era, and of course, 911
tributes. I have seen so many great tattoos showing ones own patriotism in career as a tattoo artist.
So! I thought as a great way to kick off Torqued INK's first
official topic, what better way to celebrate Veteran's Day than to showcase
your very own patriotic tattoo! From Stars and Stripes, to Memorials of loved
ones, whose lives were lost while answering the call of duty. We want to see
your tribute tattoos! 

When submitting,
you MUST include your name, the name of the tattoo artist/shop that did your
tattoo, and a single sentence description of your tattoo. Send your
photos to [email protected] Deadline
for submissions is November 30th, 2011.
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