Winter roads treated with salt, sand or gravel can inflict serious damage on a vehicle’s finish, and savvy drivers are preventing paint punishment with innovative, self-healing XPEL ULTIMATE ™ paint protection film.

Employing the most advanced film technology, this effective, long-lasting shield against winter road woes is a virtually invisible urethane film that features a clear coat and special elastomeric polymers that “heal” over time, naturally eliminating swirl marks and fine scratches. The low surface energy of the film allows XPEL ULTIMATE to shed contaminants while its strength protects painted surfaces from magnesium chloride, sand, gravel, rocks and insect and bird wastes.

Winters can be long and tough in many areas of the country, and exposure to months of road salt can really tear up cars and trucks. Albert Helcberger, owner of Northeast Ohio XPEL installer Block A Chip,, has used this invisible film to protect everything from family mini vans and sedans to muscle cars, as well as all of the top exotic and luxury car brands. Helcberger refers to XPEL film as “the best product you have never seen” and notes that paint protection film makes sense for every driver. “With our harsh winters, people understand that this tough layer of protection really preserves their investment and maintains a like-new appearance for years,” said Helcberger.

Clear, glossy and durable XPEL ULTIMATE can be installed to protect all vulnerable areas of a vehicle, including rocker panels, fenders, hood and bumpers, or the entire vehicle can be covered for maximum peace of mind. With over 70,000 vehicle-specific patterns, XPEL ULTIMATE carries a 10-year warranty and can be expertly applied by XPEL’s global network of trained installers. In addition to applications requiring professional installation, XPEL also offers a number of DIY products, all backed with a 10-year warranty. For a list of installers in your area, visit For more information visit


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