I am hard on eyewear, most of the time they won’t last me more then a few months before I end up shopping for another pair! So when I had the chance to put the RedBull Racing products to the test I admit I was a little hesitant. Would they stack up to my needs of everyday use? there was only one way to find out and I was more then glad to do so.

These glasses are not only stylish which we all know is a seller in itself but their durability is beyond satisfactory. With polycarbonate lenses and a rubberized style frame they offer the type of flexibility and durability needed to take those types of beatings many action sports enthusiasts go through on a daily basis and they look good doing it!

RedBull Racing not only provides a great pair of eyewear but they are also affordable and with many different styles to choose from they have a pair to fit just about anybody’s wants and needs. The product we tested is the RBR214-001S  which retails for approx $79.99 on Amazon and is offered in 4 different styles which you can find on the RedBull Racing Eyewear website.

So once again RedBull has lived up to it’s name, not only in the world of action sports, energy drinks and sports programming but now in the world of affordable high end fashion eyewear!

Product Specifications:

Code : RBR214-001S
Color : rubberized black
Temple : red logo
Lenses : Polycarbonate, smoke
Mirror : silver flash
Frame : TR90
Size : 62-13-130
Polarized : NO


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