For many of us our trucks are our way of life, whether it is hauling, towing or simply getting from A to B.  Using them for their intended use can take it’s toll over time and such was the case for our Ram 2500 project truck. The bed has seen it’s share of use and I knew we needed to get it some protection asap so we contacted Jeff Glover from Line-X of Midvale to get the job done.

After getting our appointment set up we arrived right at opening time to get things started.  From the get go Jeff and his crew were very professional and explained the process it takes to lay down the Line-X coating and went over which package we would be getting. There are many different options you can choose from with Line-X, you can even coordinate the color to match your vehicle.  We chose to stay with black which looked great with the factory grey paint and is slightly less expensive then color matching.

We also chose the Premium liner which is UV stable and still offers the amount of protection we need and you also have the Standard, Pro and Platinum packages as well to choose from. Next came the preparation process for the bed to be sprayed.  After removing the old plastic liner that came with the truck we saw that the bed was still in fairly good shape but did have some wear and tear. They took great care to pound out any small dings or non factory indentations to keep the bed looking nice and straight after the spray. Now take note that if your bed is in poor shape it may be difficult to remove all dents and dings, ours were only minor so we lucked out.

Next they removed the tailgate to be sprayed separately from the truck and any parts that we either did not want sprayed or would cause the Line-X to not cover the surface completely. After everything was removed and the bed was completely cleaned out next came the taping process. With the skill of a pin striper the tape was laid down to make an outline of the surface to be sprayed. With everything taped and papered off they took a nylon cup brush to the bed of the truck which roughs up the surface and creates better adhesion for the Line-X.

Now for those who have a factory spray in liner there is nothing wrong with that, but the level of protection you get from a Line-X Bedliner over a factory spray in liner is very noticeable especially over time. I have seen factory bedliners begin to crack, fade and peel after just a few years which is another positive with the Premium package we chose.  This package offers the UV protection that protects against UV rays which can damage bedliners over time.

The entire process only took about 3 hours but that time will vary since I was stopping them to shoot pictures and ask questions during the entire time. The Line-X literally only took seconds to harden and we were able to put the tailgate up and drive away after we were done. The finished product looks great and knowing it is still going to look that good years from now is always a plus, especially knowing we were going to use the truck for it’s intended purpose for years to come.


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