Have you ever come across a product you enjoyed so much you wanted to tell
everyone you knew about it?  Well, that’s what happened with us.  Rukkastixx
Energy Shots!!!  They taste amazing, are healthy for you, and they really

Like most of you, I have tried a lot of different energy product, most of
which either tasted terrible, or didn’t work.  We wanted to find out a
little more about what made Rukkastixx different so we sat down with the
President and CEO of Rukkastixx to pick his brain a little bit.

This is what we found out…


Rukkastixx are a healthy alterative to some of the other energy products on
the market. They taste great, only have 5mg of sugar (compared to approx 60
Grams in some of the leading energy drinks) and are loaded with essential
vitamins for your body.  They use natural Caffeine through Green Tea and
they are the only energy product in the world that has a patented time
release effect giving you NO Jitters, and NO crash.  Rukkastixx are
available in 5 great flavors Peach Mango, Green Apple Pie, Pomegranate, Blue
Raspberry, and Acai Berry.

Let me tell you guys, this product is a winner for sure.  Rukkastixx Energy
Shots is a Utah based company with headquarters in Highland, Utah.   Right
now they are only available in Utah, but after seeing what they have going
on it is a no brainer that the company has legs, and will become a national
brand in no time.  For more information on Rukkastixx Energy Shots you can
go to their website at www.rukkastixx.com or send them an email to
[email protected]  To get your hands on some of these you can go to any
Recreation Outlet Store and pick some up.  With Locations in American Fork
(615 E. State Road), Salt Lake (3160 S. State Street), and Ogden (2324
Washington Blvd) your sure to find one near you.

We’d like to thank the Management at Rukkastixx for taking the time to sit
down with us and show us their operation, as well as explain the product to
us.  Guys, (girls) were not joking, you’ve got to try this product.  We’re
hooked for sure!!

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