Hey, what can we say? we love our ink!! it’s an expression of who we are and what we stand for whether its a lost loved one, representing a passion or maybe just a drunken stooper from that one night that noone cares to remember but none the less we agree that showin some skin and a little ink is quite frankly… bad ass!! We have invited our very own Ink Goddess Haylo to join us in our quest for finding the most bad ass ink to grace the human flesh, check back often as she will be giving her 2 cents on the goings on in the ink world as well as check out some of her own work and maybe get a few ideas in the process. Email your pics to and feel free to show us a little skin!!

 Submitted by Misty Nelson.

Submitted by John Jenkins and yeah, we def have to give him kudo’s for this one!!

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