Hey Torqued Magazine fans!  My name is Kurt Shelley and I have been in the Atv
racing seen for the past 5 years.  I started out racing in the junior class about 5
years ago and was racing against the young bucks, I started racing at 25 years old,
I was racing against 15 to 20 year olds some younger some my age.

You know, these young kids have school and they pretty much all have gym class or weight lifting and
here I am married with a kid on the way and little time to condition, I held my own
that year with some first place finishes and a 3rd place overall for the season.

I have been racing off and on since then working my way up to pro, I ran into a few
problems and had to sell the race quad but I have been to almost every race since,
just more of a team manager and spectator though. Im not big on words so probably
expect some pics(in print) as well as some videos(website) from the racing scene in
Utah and possibly surrounding states. I look forward to writing for the Torqued
Magazine and l am really stoked to be able to bring the action of the track to the

Kurt Shelley #11

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