Occupation: customer service so I know how to make people happy and give them what
they want.
Stats: 5’3 100 lbs
Fave tunes: I love country but I do love a good jam session to rap or anything with
a good beat.
Fave flicks: pure country the original im also obsessed with transformers I love the
action and sexy cars.
Addictions: shoes you can never have too many and Reeces Peanut Butter Pumpkins,
trees and hearts.
Makes me happy: family and being loved.
Makes me sad: hate in the world and drama.
Top 5: family, my hubby, sex, sleep, sunshine.
Fave fanatsy: sitting on a privite island drinking a delicious beverage and tanning
with my family.
Fave beverage: I love water but soda I drink rootbeer.
Fave ride: hmm hard, one I just like a pimped out vehicle but im definately a truck
girl nothin sexier than a sweet lifted diesel.

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