Age: 18, but age is just a number.

Occupation: Model

5′ 11″
125 lbs.

Fave tunes:
Anything with a dirty, dirty bass drop.

Fave flicks:
Fast & the Furious,
& Good Luck Chuck.

Technology & Speed

What makes me happy:
Cuddling weather, dancing, and my huge dog, new clothes, fast cars, motorcycles,
nights I’ll never forget, the California coast, when the leaves turn in the fall,
driving fast, when people call me “Cat”, chili’s, the first snow, the holidays,
and sitting by a warm fire. I’m a pretty happy person.

What makes me sad:
burnt popcorn, cute jeans that are too short, and not achieving goals.
I’m more of a happy person.

5 things I can’t live without:
my phone

Fave fantasy:
A romantic evening spent with my significant other in a hotel room overlooking the

Fave beverage:
Naughty Root beers

Fave animal:
My Akita, Poe.
He’s huge, cuddly, and likes to play.

Fave ride: ’7o Chavelle SS. Real Muscle.
That and an Audi R8.
Got one? Let’s go for a ride.


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