Leigha Rose
Age: 21
Occupation: Model, Freelance Artist, Teacher
Stats: 5’5” 120 lbs 34D bra size 4 dress
Fave tunes:  Anthing I can dance to, my favorite artists are lil Wayne and
Fave flicks: Horror films… zombies etc. Dexter is my fave tv show
Addictions: Adrenaline-  if its new and on the edge ill be the first to try
it. Dancing is an addiction too..and sleep of course.
What makes me happy: helping others, nature, beauty, art
What makes me sad: hearing about cruelty to humans and animals
5 things I can’t live without: Greek yogurt (super rich but guilt free )
photographers, my dog, internet, my iphone
Fave fantasy: Living in Europe and running my own art business
Fave beverage: Corona ! or coke and rum
Fave animal: mans best friend… or womans
Fave ride:  I’m a bike girl, I love riding on the back of a motorcycle


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