Toyo Tires is never one to back down from a challenge and neither is off-road champion BJ Baldwin. So to prove that the Toyo Open Country Tires are capable of taking any vehicle across every terrain, they have partnered up once again to film their latest video.

The video showcases BJ Baldwin as he takes the highly modified Ferret through forests, deserts and water as well as across several seemingly impossible obstacles. For those of you (and yes that included me) who have never heard of a Ferret, here is a quick break down.

‘The Ferret’ was constructed using a 1959 British Ferret 4X4 military scout vehicle as a platform.  Heavily modified from its original design by Action Vehicle Engineering, it has six massive Toyo Open Country tires mounted on custom wheels… two of which are powered by hydraulic motors operated from inside.

Its modified suspension with King Shocks allows ‘The Ferret’ to travel rough terrain and conquer obstacles with ease.  To give it a boost in horsepower, American muscle was added by installing a Chevrolet LS engine in the rear.  Atop ‘The Ferret’ is a custom-built launcher with a grappling hook that is attached to a winch cable.

So strap yourself in and check out the video below as BJ Baldwin and Toyo Tires once again take on mother nature.


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