So here it is, months of stress for just a few hours of good food and hoping we get those new products we asked for months ago so we can get them installed on our rides during the white stuff. But for us here at Torqued Magazine it means buckling down and preparing for a whole new year of bringing you some of the best of the best on motorsports and MMA as well as introducing you to our very own Torqued Teazers spokesmodel team. Yes, we do love Christmas and we eagerly wait for that gift of bling for our custom projects or maybe a little something to add to our man cave but we also need to remember those that may  not have the luxury of having a Christmas. To us there is nothing better then a childs face on Christmas as he or she opens their gifts but there are so many that do not have that opportunity that we hope you our readers will find your local Toys for Tots or such and donate a simple gift to brighten that childs day and appreciate those that already have.

We here at Torqued Magazine are excited about what this new year brings and look forward to the projects that we have in store for you!! from motorsports events to MMA, to custom projects and more we are always on the look out for that newest and greatest and with an ever evolving industry there is always something new popping up around every corner and that is what makes this industry so exciting to us. We are constantly working to expand and keep things interesting for our readers and we have a lot of progress ahead of us as well as some exciting additions we will be adding over the course of the year so make sure to stay tuned. We also would like to throw out a huge thank you to those who have already joined us and hope to keep you entertained with what we do and the projects we cover but if there is something you would like to add or maybe see up on our pages please feel free to email us at and fill us in.

So from all of us here at Torqued Magazine have a happy holidays and please be safe and as far as those projects your are so eagerly awaiting to get finished before the new season starts make sure to drop us a line and let us know what you have going on. We always love hearing from our readers and to us, that is what makes our Christmas special. Happy holidays everbody!!

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